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Sunday, December 1, 2013 by Shelley Miles
December Activities

DECEMBER 20 - Saturnalia, Go Caroling Day

Saturnalia was celebrated in ancient Rome, and commemorated the dedication of the temple of the god, Saturn. This week long celebration included playing pranks, bringing trees and greenery inside the house, feasting and gift giving. For one day, the roles of slaves and masters were reversed and the masters served the slaves So, if you don’t yet have your Saturnalia tree, this is a good time to put one up. Get a miniature tree at your local nursery. Decorate it with moons, stars, suns, and of course – Saturn.

After the tree? Take a group of kids caroling. Take a few practice runs on the songs the group will sing. And, if you have a guitar or a karoke CD you brings along for accompaniment, all the better. Be sure to give the neighbors a heads up, so they'll expect and welcome your party. Caroling is always more fun with an audience. Then, head back for nice hot chocolate.
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